Saturday, January 21, 2012

Interesting Cupcakes

One of my favorite things to do when it snows - like it is today - is to bake.  This blog has so far focused on knitting quite a bit, but among the topics I intend to showcase here is baking.  To me there is something wonderful about taking ingredients and creating something that is both beautiful and delicious.

The last time it snowed I didn't have any convenient excuses to bake, but today is a good friend's birthday.  I spent some time this morning trying to decide if I would make her cupcakes that are interesting (i.e. unusual flavors of the key lime, Guinness chocolate, or fig-filled varities) or that look interesting (i.e. like a lion, Wonder Woman, or a spaceship).  I'm falling into the latter for this project given the person in question.

I have yet to gather my ingredients, but I figured I would show off some previous cupcakes of the kind I intend to make and tomorrow do a post on what I actually made and how.  For now, enjoy these photos.

First, for my cousin's birthday.  Since she works at the Bronx Zoo and majored in Fish (well, close, but not exactly), my sister and I made lion, elephant, fish, and giraffe cupcakes for her:

I made these for my own birthday a couple years ago.  My favorite animals, from the left, ladybugs, elephants (again), koalas, and turtles:

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